This is the place where all amazing interaction happens! Not only local talented creator but also international well-known illustrators, writers and designers can be found in Artist Alley. They work for MARVEL, DC, game producers etc. and even own individual studio. Artists will spend the days sketching and signing here, interacting with Fans, taking Photos with visitors, living on site, hanging out the whole exhibition, and showing up at panel discussions……

The commission as a souvenir will definitely remain a life-long memory of SHCC for you!

Our champion will win a valuable place to compete at C2E2 global stage, Chicago, where thousands of excellent cosplayers, fans and professionals gather to celebrate comic and entertainment culture.

Thanks for the top cosplayers, visitors can witness the most creative and joyful show. We welcome everyone to bring a costume, or just a mask, a colorful hair, a magic wand, to jump in the crowd and have fun with us! 

SHCC is a leading convention of high-quality comic, entertainment and other fashionable elements. We collaborate original comic books from all over the world, toys and models, dolls and statues, game software and equipment, limited edition and other creative goods, with energetic culture atmosphere, which will always attract lots of attention and stimulate consumption.

We are looking for partners to explore the most attractive activities together, and expecting more opportunities in relative area, where we can make comic really count!